Trinks Inc.

Our Past and Present

  • 1935

    C.A Lawton built first press

  • 1945

    First Compression Molding Press established

  • 1952

    Transfer Molding Press developed

  • 1967

    Built first Spinning Lathe

  • 1980

    Encapsulation Press developed

  • 1991

    First Automated Press System

  • 2000

    Plasticator for thermoset material

  • 2001

    Fuel Cell Compression Molding Press developed

  • 2007

    C.A Lawton Machinery division was purchased by Trinks, Inc changing our name to LMG

  • 2007

    30 Ton Multi-Frame Compression Press

  • 2009

    Thermoplastic Plasticator developed

  • 2010

    75 Ton Dual Opening Vacuum Press

  • 2011

    Down-Acting Clamp with Four Down-Acting Plunger Shuttle Transfer Press

  • 2012

    900 Ton XL Down- Acting Shuttle Compression Press

  • 2014

    Edge Press released

  • 2016

    300 Ton Multi- Daylight Press

  • 2017

    Fully Integrated Automation Cell

  • 2019

    LMG officially becomes Trinks Inc.

  • 2019

    Trinks Inc acquired Hull Industries

How did we begin?

Founded in 1879, the C.A. Lawton Company established the Machinery Division in 1935 for building and designing the most creative, most innovative manufacturing equipment for compression and transfer molding equipment in North America. This is where the ingenuity and customer commitment began.

Where are we today?

In 2007, the C.A. Lawton machinery division was purchased by Trinks, Inc changing our name to LMG. In 2019, we said goodbye to LMG and officially became our legal name, Trinks Inc. We kept our roots in Green Bay, WI and have continued our tradition of designing and delivering equipment for our customers. We partner with our customers to provide them with a unique manufacturing solution that will give them a competitive advantage and industry-leading returns on investment.

As of January 29th, 2019, Trinks Inc acquired Hull Industries. Adding Hull Industries to our legacy of innovative equipment and support will expand our product line as we continue to be a wide ranging solutions provider. To find out more about Hull Industries, please visit

What makes us different?

Here at Trinks Inc., we provide our customers with:

    Over 80 years of experience and application knowledge
    Partnering with you for a profitable unique solution
    Cost- effective solutions to increase productivity
    Engineering and after the sale customer service

With decades of experience, we are successful when we help our customers optimize their core processes by enhancing their ability to generate revenue through new product development reducing your overall cost to manufacture by addressing the entire manufacturing process and evaluating all factors of production (labor, equipment, and capital).

Create Relationships with End Users

Over 90% of the presses built at Trinks Inc. each year are delivered to customers who already own Trinks Inc. presses. We take great pride in creating and growing that kind of customer loyalty.

Turn-Key Supplier

We not only deliver your press, but also the process support, preventive maintenance, operator training and - in some cases - the mold to support their new products! This capability is why Trinks Inc. stands out in a field of other press manufacturers!

Trinks Inc.

Trinks Inc. Added Value

Trinks will now be a complete innovative solutions provider. We aspire to lead the industry as a complete integrator of material processing by applying leading edge philosophy. Because we are unique in the press industry, we can tailor the system to our customer’s needs. This sets us apart from the competition. It gives us an edge.

We strongly believe that what we provide to our customers is the capability to produce enough good parts, on time, and the commitment to positively impact your manufacturing operation which leads to a successful outcome. Certainty that you can share with your customer!