Trinks Inc.


At Trinks Inc., we realize you know your product better than anyone else does. We'll partner with you to blend your company's expertise with our experience in designing world renowned molding machines.

With a full line of standard presses and the in-house ability to customize any molding machine, Trinks Inc. can develop a solution to meet your company's specific needs.


Trinks Inc. has been designing presses for a variety of industries for over 80 years. With a long track record of robust and quality press design, Trinks Inc. can design a press to increase overall production leading to higher profitability and reduced downtime. Using the best technologies the industry has to offer, Trinks Inc. puts its customers on the leading edge of molding technology and productivity to offer a competitive advantage in almost any application. Utilizing state of the art 3D design and simulation software, Trinks Inc. has raised the bar when it comes to quick turn-around projects.


Using standard control software is often like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. That's why Trinks Inc.'s ability to customize software has become a competitive advantage for companies like yours. Trinks Inc.'s internal staff of programmers and software engineers can write and modify control programs to fit any molding application. With many years of material processing knowledge, Trinks Inc. is able to help you process parts with higher quality and repeatability. We offer the ability to create and save processing recipes for faster switch over times as well as the ability for data collection to ensure the highest quality standards. Trinks Inc. also offers the ability to add load and off-load automation to any press to further enhance productivity and reduce labor costs.

Trinks Inc. has highly trained and skilled service technicians that are always available to assist customers with start-up, processing questions, maintenance and spare parts. Our service department has years of experience behind them that allows them to answer questions quickly and keep our customers up and running. Customers have the confidence that they have one of the most highly trained and experienced service teams available in industry.


Quality is something every company says they have, but at Trinks Inc. we MEAN IT! Every Trinks Inc. press is designed with a comprehensive set of design parameters that leads to a long lasting, high productive machine. Trinks Inc. still services presses made in the 1940’s and often rebuilds customers’ machines to replace obsoleted and out-of-date components. We realize processing equipment only works while its running and we ensure quality throughout our design and assembly process to ensure your machine from Trinks Inc. is the most reliable piece of equipment in your facility.


Trinks Inc. produces presses that are not only productive but safe as well. We produce presses that conform to OSHA and ANSI standards as well as many international safety standards. We can customize a guarding or safety package that works with other external equipment or any customer provided safety equipment. Customers who require a higher level of safety can choose from one of many safety options including light scan guards and mechanical guarding.

If you are looking for a piece of equipment for a new project or are just looking to increase productivity with the parts and projects you have, give Trinks Inc. a call and let us tell you how we can help!