Trinks Inc.

Electrical/Electronic Industry

Trinks Inc.’s standard line of Advantage & Genesis presses are designed and built for molding high quality electrical and electronic devices. Many different electronic devices such as dips, resistors, capacitors, Ball grid arrays, and more are encapsulated in thermoset epoxy material on Trinks Inc. transfer molding presses. Electrical parts such as coils, relays, connectors, and switches are successfully molded on Trinks Inc. transfer presses. Also, larger electrical parts such as insulators and circuit breakers are successfully molded on Trinks Inc. compression presses.

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500 Ton Down-Acting Compression Press
40 Ton Compression Shuttle Press
90 Ton Genesis Transfer Press
120 Ton Press with 12 Multi-Plungers
190 Ton Genesis Transfer Press
300 Ton D/A Compression Press with U/A Transfer
16 Ton Advantage Transfer Press
3300 Ton Compression Shuttle Press