Trinks Inc.

Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics (LFRT)

Long fiber reinforced thermoplastics or long fiber thermoplastics are molding materials that can feature continuous fiber filaments running the full length of the pellet. The polymer matrix can be polypropylene, nylon or other thermoplastic resins. The fibers are fully wet-out with excellent bonding to the matrix. The benefit of LFRTs over non fiber or short fiber filled materials are improved strength, improved modulus, improved creep resistance, improved dimensional stability, improved heat resistance and reduced elongation. Several automotive parts have been molded with LFRT. The material should be considered for any application where a durable light weight substrate part is required.

Prior to being compression molded the LFRT is heated in a reciprocating screw plasticator. The screw is designed to be gentle on the glass fibers. Compression molding presses for this material have faster closing and pressing speeds than the typical thermoset press. Trinks Inc. can build the plasticator with screw diameters from 60 mm to 300 mm. Trinks Inc. can also provide presses from 300 tons to 3000 tons.

300 Ton Down-Acting Compression Press
500 Ton High Speed Compression Press
125mm Thermoplastic Plasticator
150mm Thermoplastic Plasticator