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Round Tie - Rod Series Compression

Trinks Inc.

Trinks Inc.’s Tie Rod series press features round tie rods. This design has been an industry standard for over 75 years. Bushings inside the moving platen contact the tie rods as the press platen moves up and down. The height of the bushings is greater on an Trinks Inc. press than on a typical press providing for better parallelism. We can offer non-lubricating bushings. Also, when you compare Trinks Inc.’s tie rods to that of a typical press of the same tonnage you will find they have a larger diameter providing a more robust press frame. These presses are offered in both up and down-acting configurations.

Standard Features

  • Two-handed, anti-tie-down cycle start buttons
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Double acting main ram
  • Manifold mounted valves
  • Solenoid indicating lights for troubleshooting
  • Hydraulic circuit test prots
  • Color touch screen
  • Mechanical latch bar on down-acting presses
  • 3-Sided mechanical guarding

Available Options

  • 3-Sided light curtain guarding
  • Hydraulic ejection
  • Ejector flow dividers
  • Light scan mute
  • Multiple zone heat control
  • Position feedback for hydraulic ejectors